Where can we find dominatrixes? How to easily meet them?

So to start, I reassure you, dominatrixes exist! They can be professional people (sex workers, therefore) who offer sessions for remuneration (in other words, you pay them so that they dominate you) or people who like, in their private life, to have a position and / or practices called dominant with their ⋅ s partner ⋅ s. So it is not an illusion or a collective hallucination

On the other hand, if you go on non-specific chats, and with people your age, it’s not necessarily surprising that there aren’t too many girls who seem tempted. Indeed, 19 years old is still quite young, and you rarely start your sexuality with BDSM * practices (* BDSM = contraction of Bondage Discipline Domination Submission Sadism Masochism). It is possible but quite infrequent it seems to me. In general, we start by having our more “classic” experiences, getting to know our own body and that of his / her partner (s) ⋅s, before (if you want) switching to less known or usual practices. This is even more true for the case of domination for young girls since it goes against everything that they have always been told and that they have always seen (on TV, in movies, in books, etc.), namely that the role of women (especially in sexuality) should rather be passive and submissive. Basically, if you pick up women your own age or nearby on “mainstream” (non-specialized) sites, it’s quite logical that you don’t find any.

Then, when you say domineering, it covers very different realities, from the chick who just likes to be on top during sex, who is enterprising and does not hesitate to show initiative to the one who spanks, humiliates, whips electrifies, chains, tie, crushes, strikes his / her / its partner ⋅ s. It can happen in a rather informal way, and just being a woman who comes to sit on your face for example or who ties your wrists with a scarf, just like that can be very codified, especially for more “hard” practices. “. So I think it would also be good for you to think about what you are

looking for more precisely, before even embarking on concrete meetings ( I was talking here in more detail about what can help you to know what are your desires, your limits, etc). Contrary to what one might think, in a relationship domination/submission, the subject ⋅  sets rules before the “game” begins.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you have several options for meeting domineers. It can go through specialized sites like Fetlife or this site or that one, or directly through specific workshops (there are quite a few around bondage – or shibari, the Japanese art of tying gentes ) but there are also snacks, meals or aperitifs, and of course a lot of evenings ( click click here and then there). In this environment, and as long as you are respectful and not heavy, the majority of people will be happy to explain to you the practices that exist, the people to whom you can turn, etc, really.

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