What are the advantages of a relationship of submission to domination?

You might think that most submissive men have been forced to become at the mercy of a dominant woman – you are wrong. It is a lifestyle choice that, in fact, has benefits for health, well-being, growth, and happiness.

If you’re still unsure and hesitant about the miracle that a d / s relationship can bring, here are some benefits to consider:

Better and open communication

Increase privacy

Push for loyalty

Better mental health

Less psychological stress and anxiety

Sexually, there is often the same pattern present in a vanilla relationship, a BDSM couple breaks up the monotony – thus improving mental health. In general, intimacy and loyalty are better, as these relationships are built on the willingness to conform and trust.

Besides pleasure, BDSM benefits our physical and mental health on different levels. Now that we are clear about the type of interaction we are talking about in this article, we can move on to the roles that each actor should play in this way of life.


A Dominate is an unprofessional dominant woman. A Dominatrix is ​​a professional dominant woman. Definition of the urban dictionary.

The main characteristics of a domme are as follows:

Take control and demand obedience

Expects to be satisfied and revered

Is responsible for and takes care of submissive persons

Prioritize their own desires


A submissive is inclined or ready to submit or cede to the authority of another, unresisted or humbly obedient.

A submissive likes to please their master in any way they can – and we’re not talking about sexuality here. Often, submissives are chaste, wear a cock cage, forgetting about their manhood, and focusing on other ways to please.

The main traits of male or female submission are as follows:

satisfy their partner’s needs and wants

Expects to be satisfied and revered

Their partner’s desires are above all else

1 – Make sure you are actually ready for a BDSM or SM relationship.

It’s not fair for you or the people you hang out with to start a relationship if you don’t know what you want and are not ready to do the job. It is common for people to think they are ready when they are not, especially if they are recovering if they are still clinging to their ex, if they are going through a divorce or if they are not. ‘they are in great mourning.

D / s relationships can deepen quickly when partners open up and explore together. If you dive all the way in, bite more than you can chew, and then have to tiptoe back into damage control mode, you risk injuring your partners.

Be completely honest and upfront about what you are looking for and what you are willing to deliver RIGHT NOW. If what you’re looking for right now is unconditional fun, say so, even if it means you can’t play with someone you like. Don’t flirt with every dominant or submissive you’re interested in while stating that you’re looking for something serious, unless you really are.

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