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But it is child’s play. To become a Mistress, and not just a woman who wants to be responsible, you have to do more. You need to start taking control in a way that he might not expect. For example, you might want to do this:

– Create daily to-do lists – You want to make sure he is always thinking of you, even when you are not in the bedroom. As a prelude to further domination, make sure he serves his Mistress by also doing things for her during the day.

– Determine the punishments that actually hurt him – You want to find ways to punish your new slave so that he knows you are in control.

– Retain orgasm- The best way to control a man? Hold her orgasm during scenes and ask her not to masturbate. Teach him to worship your body. He might like big breasts for women now, but over time he will learn to worship you and your body. He will learn that his orgasms come from you and only from you. So you will become the only sexual goddess in his universe, and over time, he won’t even look at another woman.

Being a Mistress isn’t for everyone, but it can be a way to spice up your relationship, as long as you’re both ready and comfortable with the exchange of power.

Being attractive … isn’t that what every man seeks to become when he sets out to study the relational domain and that of seduction? Certainly. A question remains, however: how to go about it? What are the character traits to adopt, the imponderables of such an image? This is what I invite you to reflect on today in the form of advice in seduction.

1. Be a proactive man

An attractive man is by definition a man capable of creating his own reality, in which he manages his life, his evolution, relying on his ability to face risks and competition. The main idea behind this mechanism is a unifying impetus, a desire to expose oneself as a creator of wealth, both financially, as well as relational or intellectual. A proactive man cares very little about the stakes of seduction. He focuses above all on meeting his own needs in order to sustain his activity and personal development.

2. Develop your charisma

Charisma is that kind of aura that surrounds a man who does not deny himself the right to fail or to become better. Always on the lookout for new challenges, the charismatic man is attractive in that he doesn’t care what one thinks of him. He is himself, adapts in an almost natural way to his environment, and does not depend on anyone. He is always on the lookout for mechanisms that can allow him to evolve and grow. He infuses an impalpable, but real authority. It does not make a major difference between relationships with men or women. Concretely, we could compare charisma to social intelligence: an ability to identify others and to respect a pre-established position, without doubt, never,

3. Show leadership

As you can see, the values ​​described seem to fit together, to form a whole: the attractive man. As such, leadership is understood as the ability to make unifying, relevant, and effective decisions based on specific material conditions. The leader is not necessarily authoritarian. He recognizes everyone’s needs and wants and takes them into account when making decisions.

4. Natural preselection

The desired man, attracting glances and stimulating the libido of the women he meets, inevitably places himself in a dominant position vis-à-vis the competition. He removes a certain aura from it that facilitates seduction and makes him appear as a more interesting person, able to give women what they want. If achieving this status requires work, it will develop naturally with the fairer sex from the moment you are clean on yourself, cared for, and above all accompanied. The feminine presence by your side is the determining element in the implementation of such a mechanism.

5. Safety: an important point

Women thrive alongside a man who can protect them, whether it is physically, intellectually, or financially. The main quality of the protective man is empathy. He understands what his interlocutors need and is open-minded. He’s ready to go coal if the danger materializes. This notion actually relates more to well-being than to violence (even if the latter is sometimes required).

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